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A Guide To Cheap Fuel Cards

cheap fuel cards

Depending on the business’s size, scope and the type of fleet that it employs, the level of fuel card options available to a business are extremely varied. On the surface a cheap fuel card, or even a free one, would seem to be the best option but what might seem to be the cheapest option to begin with can lead to problems and unforeseen costs in the long run.

Benefits of Cheap Fuel Card

Whether a cheap fuel card is right for your operation depends on many factors. There are certainly some advantages for some companies who take the budget route in regards to their fuel card system.

  • The Upfront Costs Of A Cheap Fuel Card - Spending a large amount up front on an expensive fuel card system is not an option for some businesses, for smaller or new ventures, a cheap fuel card is something of a godsend. Although in the long run it might end up a more expensive endeavour, as a starting point, the cheap fuel card is a perfect fit.
  • Cheap Fuel Cards For Small Fleets - Having a complex and more costly fuel card system is not necessary right for some businesses. With little need for the deeper options or further flexibility, a simple cheap fuel card is more than enough to cover the process of running a small fleet of vehicles.
  • Cheap Fuel Card Simplicity - As some of the more complicated fuel cards on the market offer a greater amount of services and management options, they can lead to confusion and frustration. The simplicity of cheap fuel card can be a more attractive option for some businesses.

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Disadvantages Of Cheap Fuel Cards

Of course to some degree you get what you pay for and cheap fuel cards are no different.

  • Less Support With Cheap Fuel Cards - With most of the more expensive fuel cards there is a greater level of support that comes with its use. Although the system itself is often more simplistic when cheaper, the more expensive services tend to offer greater support, which particularly useful in regards to fuel card management.
  • Less Usage Options With Cheap Fuel Cards - The larger companies that offer the more expensive fuel cards are usually the ones that offer a greater choice of petrol station options. Not only does this mean less frustration in general but it also offers peace of mind to fleets that might use rural or international routes.
  • Less Flexibility With Cheap Fuel Cards - Flexibility is one of the most important advantages to using a fuel card. Along with efficiency and management, it is at the heart of the fuel card payment and management process. With cheap fuel cards there is a tendency to offer just the very basics of the system, leaving little room for flexibility. For smaller businesses this is rarely an issue, but for more complex ventures, a greater degree of flexibility is paramount.
  • Hidden Costs Of Cheap Fuel Cards - As with all fuel card services, the devil is in the detail. What might seem like an attractive option at the outset can soon turn into a costly nightmare. With cheap fuel cards, sometimes the offer really is too good to be true, so make sure you read the small print.
  • Cheap Fuel Card Contracts And False Economy - With minimum spends and long term contracts, the cheap fuel card option can look a lot like a mobile phone contract. Although the cheaper selection with a longer contract and more restrictive options might suit some, it is important to weigh this up with the risk of your company’s requirements changing in the future.

Next Steps

With so many options available, even within the area of cheap fuel cards, it can be overwhelming trying to find the right contract or non contract fuel card for your operation. Some fuel cards can lead you to be trapped in a restrictive and ultimately self defeating system, so taking your time to choose the right card for you is of the utmost importance.

By filling in our simple form you can compare the right services and products for your business’s size, scope, potential and budget. It should take no longer than a minute and can give you peace of mind as well as saving time and the frustration of a complicated search.